CAFCC backs Jon Antoniazzi for NUSW President

Labour Students currently control all key positions in NUS Wales. Socialists in Wales will be supporting the campaign of Jon Antoniazzi, an experienced working-class mature student, in his bid to break the Labour block.

Due to the vestigial democratic structures within NUS only a few dozen of the hundreds of thousands of college and university students in Wales will even get the chance to vote in the election at all. This underscores the fact that merely to stand, isolated, to the left of Labour is not enough; only a principled, democratic, grassroots, mass movement can engage students with lecturers and other trade unionists and build the class-based coalition necessary to win and secure a restoration of the EMA grant at its full level, an end to tuition fees, and sufficient funding and resources for the education system to guarantee a good-quality education for all who want it.

Link: Jon’s campaign page on facebook.

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