Aberystwyth Guild of Students passes motion of no confidence in David Willetts

Banner: "Amddiffyn Addysg Defend Education"On the eve of the NCAFC’s National Demonstration against the marketisation of education, Aberystwyth University Guild of Students held its first General Meeting of the year, where a record number of people attended due to new rules in place regarding society attendance.

During the General Meeting, several motions were debated on a range of issues, including opposition to starbucks in the union (fell 97-102), the student accommodation crisis, and more.

At the General Meeting, students passed a vote of no confidence in the Minister for Universities & Science, David Willetts. The motion also condemns Leighton Andrews, the Minister for Education & Skills in the Welsh Assembly, who is responsible for Higher Education policy in Wales. In doing so students have sent a clear message to Westminster, and to Cardiff: You’re wrong on tuition fees, you’re wrong on funding cuts, and you’re wrong on mergers.

Students also passed a motion supporting a walk out on November 30th to join the local demonstration organised by trade unions and the local anti-cuts groups: Ceredigion Against The Cuts, and Aber Radical Forum.

[1] Full text of motion of no confidence in minister for universities & science


Campaign formed at Student Assembly

The logo of CAFCC

The Welsh Campaign is born

On 22nd October, 2011, activists from across Wales gathered for an All Wales Student Assembly, to engage with each other, debate issues, and consider motions put before the Assembly.

The first motion considered at the Assembly was one to form the Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru. This motion was passed, as amended, unanimously, and thus this organisation was born, with a transitional committee of 4 members established to get the ball rolling.

During the Assembly, students passed motions on a range of issues, including condemnation of the eviction of Dale Farm, supporting the right to protest, endorsing the Jarrow March For Jobs, the November 9th National Demo, and the union strikes on November 30th.

The newly formed Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru also called for transparency, coordination & openness between all anti-cuts groups in a united, non-sectarian fightback against all cuts and for the recognition of differences in situations among the various nations of the United Kingdom and calls for these differences to be reflected organisationally within anti-cuts campaign groups.

Going forward, the campaign hopes to establish itself as a force for positive action in Wales, helping to fight for and win the alternative to tuition fees and cuts to public services.