CAFCC was formed after an All-Wales Student Assembly on 22nd October, 2011, passed a motion which formed the constitution below.

    1. That members of anti-cuts and anti-fees groups in Wales shall organise under the banner of “Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru” (CAFCC)
    2. That Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru shall be the official Welsh National Caucus of National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.
  2. AIMS
    1. The aims of Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru shall be to:
      1. Campaign for the abolition of tuition fees in Wales.
      2. Campaign for the restoration of funding and grants in education in Wales such as but not limited to EMA and ALG; education is a right, not a privilege.
      3. Campaign for equal access to Welsh-language post-16 education in Wales.
      4. Campaign against job losses and cuts to public services in Wales.
      5. Support the campaigns of NCAFC, unions, and anti-cuts groups.
    2. Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru is an anti-capitalist organisation.
    3. Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru shall work closely with like-minded organisations in Wales and shall encourage joint events between groups.
    4. Furthermore, Campaign Against Fees & Cuts Cymru shall endeavour to work bilingually.
    1. Any member of any Welsh campaign group or organisation that shares similar aims to those of CAFCC may be considered a member of CAFCC.
    2. The authoritative decision making body of CAFCC shall be Conference, to be held no less often than once per year.
      1. At Conference, members shall:
        1. Debate issues relating to the aims of CAFCC.
        2. Vote on policy motions regarding the undertakings of CAFCC.
        3. Engage in a hustings for candidates for election to the Steering Committee.
      2. Details of Conference shall be announced at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.
      3. Members may submit motions up to two weeks before Conference.
      4. An initial Conference Agenda shall be made available at least one week before Conference.
      5. Members may submit amendments to motions up to two days before Conference for inclusion in the finalised agenda.
      6. Members may also submit amendments and parts from the floor of Conference.
    3. There shall be a Steering Committee of 8 elected members which shall be elected after every Conference.
      1. The Committee shall:
        1. Meet regularly to discuss and co-ordinate action as mandated by members, minutes of which shall be made available after approval of minutes.
        2. Organise and run CAFCC Conference.
        3. Job-Share the role of Welsh National Caucus Representative on the National Committee of the NCAFC, to ensure Welsh representation within NCAFC.
      2. Elections to Committee shall be held under ERS97 STV, preferably using the openSTV platform.
      3. Nominations for Committee shall open at announcement of Conference, and shall close one week before Conference.
      4. Any member may nominate themselves for the Committee. A nomination should include contact details, and details of any party, anti-cuts, or other affiliations. A candidate should also provide a 250 word manifesto as soon as practicable for publication during the election.
      5. Voting will open after Conference Hustings, and shall last for a period of one week.
      6. Voting will be open to all registered members, and where possible will be carried out online, with provision for physical balloting where required or requested.
      7. Results of elections to the Steering Committee of Campaign Against Fees and Cuts Cymru shall be announced within 48 hours of closing of the vote.

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